This type of heating is commonly referred to as the ultimate in heating. Depending on physical factors of the property, ducted gas heating can be installed under the floor or in the ceiling cavity. It can be installed as a mini system, just a few rooms or up to a whole home including rooms such as bathrooms and ensuites for perfect even heating. 

Ducted heating is also flued and therefore does not pose any bad health effects and very efficient. It is normally operated by a wall-mounted thermostat that controls the temperature. The thermostat can also features such functions as timers that allow for programming of on and off times, ultimate automatic control heating for the home. 

Gas ducted heating is a recirculating system, this means that there are outlets in the various rooms as well as one return air inlet in a central location. All the warm air is drawn back through the rooms to the centrally located return air inlet. This return air inlet should be positioned at ground level so that the warm air is drawn down, therefore making an even warm temperature at all levels within the room. 

Zones can be incorporated in the duct system for areas (such as formal lounge / dining rooms) that are not regularly used and do not require constant heating. These zones can be used to save on running costs and / or make a small heater capable of heating parts of a bigger home.

Ducted vacuum systems work by having a powerful vacuum unit that is connected to inlets (normally installed at low level in the walls) by plastic vacuum pipe. The unit is turned on when the user plugs the flexible vacuum hose into the wall inlet. You are then ready to vacuum. 

Ducted vacuum systems are great for asthma and allergy sufferers, as the powerful unit is more likely to extract more waste from carpets than portable vacuum systems and it also expels the very fine dust (this where the dust mites and dust mite excrement are) to the outside atmosphere.

A typical portable vacuum unit cannot trap all the dust mites in the units waste bag, therefore they escape back into your house, not really clean at all!

Most ducted vacuum systems are very quiet inside the home, as the unit is located elsewhere, such as the garage.

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